Brian Hamilton

I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Audio and Acoustics Group at the University of Edinburgh. My research is concerned with the use of finite difference and finite volume methods for large-scale room acoustics simulations to be implemented on GPUs. My work is supported by the European Research Council under Grant PoC-2016-737574-WRAM.

From 2012 to 2016 I was a PhD student supervised by Stefan Bilbao, and co-supervised by Lauri Savioja in the Department of Media Technology at Aalto University, within the NESS project which was supported by ERC Grant StG-2011-279068-NESS.

Other members of the NESS project include: Craig J. Webb, Alberto Torin, Charlotte Desvages, Reginald Harrison, Michele Ducceschi, and members of EPCC.



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My PhD thesis (25MB)


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Room 1606, James Clerk Maxwell Building
King's Buildings, Mayfield Road

This video shows a 2D wave simulation of a concert hall. Note: This video is 11MB in size.

Previous Work

Previously, I was a Master's student in Electrical & Computer Engineering at McGill University and part of the SPCL in Music Technology and CIRMMT. My supervisors were Philippe Depalle and James J. Clark. My research was on non-stationary sinusoidal parameter estimation for sound analysis/synthesis and digital audio effects. My Master's thesis is available here.

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